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This includes marketing of vacant residential and commercial spaces to ensure the least amount of time a property stays vacant and encompasses:
• Sourcing
• Arranging viewings and post viewing follow up
• Tenant vetting and selection
• Drafting Tenancy agreements



We undertake valuation of residential, commercial and industrial properties conducted by our team of valuers who apply an in-depth market knowledge, experience, research and analysis across a range of sectors to ensure that we have an in depth appreciation of our client’s requirements.

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  • We will manage to give our customers a piece of mind

  • Realization of maximum value from property

  • Less vacancy rates in managed properties

  • Timely Collections remittances

  • High standard property maintenance

  • High volume sales

  • Quality workmanship on repairs and renovations

  • High efficiency through use of technology

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Reasonable rates


Value for money

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Partnering with clients and property developers to market and sell their property in the most efficient way and includes:

  • Sourcing

  • Due diligence advisory

  • Advertising

  • Arranging for viewing and post viewing follow ups

  • Drafting of sale agreements

  • Advising on financing options

  • Providing liaison between vendor, purchaser, financier and legal advisers

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This involves the day to day running of properties and encompasses:

  • Rent collection – Invoicing, receipting and depositing and default management

  • Letting vacant units – Advising on prevailing market conditions, advertising, vetting & qualifying prospective tenants, preparation of lease documentation & renewals, collection of security deposits and commencing rent, inspection prior to occupancy and handover inventory, lease .

  • Administration and Maintenance of let units – Ensuring compliance and supporting harmonious relations

    • Attending to maintenance and repair requirements

    • Administering utility billings and collections

    • Undertaking periodic inspections and providing advice

    • Maintaining property accounts

    • Coordinating of security and cleaning services

This includes:

  • Administrative support for management companies of communally owned property

  • Budgeting, collecting and expending service charge

  • Ensuring compliance with statutory requirements Land Rates and Land Rent, Fire Risk, Health and Safety

  • Managing general repairs in common areas

  • Negotiating outsourced contracts and ensuring management and maintenance of: Building Insurance, Facilities and Machinery (borehole, generator, electric fence, external lighting, pumps etc.), Security, Cleaning, Garbage Collection, Landscaping, Pest Control

  • Periodic inspections and advice

  • Maintaining Accounts

Our services include the following:-

  • Market analysis

  • Concept, Function and Facilities

  • Space Allocation

  • Budgets and controls

  • Taxation

  • Interior Design and Décor

  • Financing

  • Due Diligence

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