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Allocate Homes Ltd is a trusted property company that helps you identify and purchase/rent homes. At the moment, this site is under development. But you can reach us on +254733806060 for all your enquiries and we shall be happy to serve you.

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Want a home to live in or an office to do your business? Whatever it is, we shall help you secure it. We get you a convenient and comfortable place to call home. You can get in touch with us now on +254733806060 in order to give us your specific tastes so we can help you better. And thanks for visiting us here.

Kindly allow us to help you get over with this fast and painlesslessly. We will get you a home or commercial apartment to buy. Tap on our experience in the market. Let us know exactly what you want and we shall help you obtain it. Call us right away on +254733806060 so we get started.

It's one thing to invest in a property complex and another thing altogether to manage it. This management bit can be a nightmare. If you allow us, we shall make it a bliss. You will get the rewards you're looking for. Do you have an apartment that you would like to be efficiently managed for you? Kindly get in touch with us now on +254733806060 and we can get started right away. You can read more about this under OUR SERVICES menu.

If you want to purchase or to sell a property, one of the essential steps you will require is to establish the exact market value of the property. Look no further. We have qualified, competent and honest valuers to help in this critical task. Get in touch right now. Call us on +254733806060

The property industry is very complex and challenging. Without an honest and experienced guide, you may lose your lifetime fortune. In case you're contemplating to venture in this industry. We could just be the people you're looking for to help you manoeuvre this. Get in touch on +254733806060

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